Going From Idea to Launch in 6 weeks with Tether


Tether is a product built internally by the Modus team. We love building new products and we use these experiences to sharpen our skills and solve problems we face in our lives. Tether is a feedback tool designed to help teams get more and better feedback from their internal team, clients, and end-users.


The inspiration for Tether came from receiving screenshots from our clients regarding bugs or requested changes on products we were building. This process was long and required a lot of back and forth, including everyone's favorite question regarding a submitted bug "what browser was being used"? We set out to solve our own problem, and that is how Tether was born.


We wanted to make the process of submitting feedback easy for end users, and organized for the team receiving the feedback. With these two goals in mind we elected to build a floating button that could be added to any web-app with a single line of code. From this button, users could submit bugs and suggestions in just a few clicks. All the feedback would flow to a single dashboard where all submitted feedback would live, along with the metadata such as browser, device type, URL and more. With the ability to filter, assign and prioritize any piece of given feedback, we enabled teams to easily track, manage, and organize feedback.


We took a page out of the Y Combinator playlist and focused on building a minimal first version of the product in order to start getting feedback from users. We were able to design and build Tether in a little under 6 weeks. We have out first users enjoyinh the product and we are learning and iterating on the product every day. If you are interested in Tether feel to email us directly at hey@tethered.dev!